“Karma Avenue’s vision is simple: To create access and promote animal and eco-friendly luxury fashion. Good Karma shopping!”

Karma Avenue is about promoting and shopping for the latest in animal and eco-friendly luxury shopping. See pics of the latest items in luxury ecofashion and learn fast facts about the “who, where and why” these items are considered “Good Karma Shopping”.

Engage with us! Post your latest Good Karma shopping experience or tell us about recycled luxury items you like! Help us spread the good word. We can’t change the retail industry overnight, but if we keep asking for and supporting vegan and eco-friendly products, the brands will follow. Let’s start Good Karma Shopping!

Karma Avenue supports Changenomics – the concept of leveraging the fiscal power of everyday purchases to drive bottom-up systemic social change in the practices of companies.

Here are some facts about the fashion industry:

  • The fashion industry is the second largest user of water in the world. A single mill in China can use 200 tons of water for each ton of fabric it dyes; many rivers run with the colors of the season as the untreated toxic dyes wash off from mills.
  • Over 90 million items (or 2 million tons) of clothing end up in landfill sites globally each year.
  • 150 grams of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are used to produce the cotton for just one T-shirt.
  • 60% of the greenhouse gases generated over the life of a simple T-shirt come from the typical 25 washings and machine dryings. 
  • The Chinese textile industry creates about 3 billion tons of soot each year.


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